Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Middle School Diary - Episode 7

This one is actually pre-middle school. I'm not sure how old I was but probably 7 or 8. It is not dated and is also on the last page of a mostly empty diary. I haven't changed much since then though, still a fan of lists. I'm not sure what this list was for... maybe a birthday wish list... but maybe just a wish list.

********* circa 1992*********

1. more scarves

2. Julery

3. Gold belt (this has been crossed out)

4. Egiption shoes

5. Sparkly crowne

6. Hand decorations

7. feathers

8. MAKE IT More
Strict I'm fedd




Not sure why the last two are blank. I am pretty sure I still want everything on that list... except for 8. What was I thinking? My parents were pretty rule free... maybe I felt like I didn't fit in with my friends.

I have a show today! It's at Mama Buzz Cafe (2318 Telegraph Ave, Oakland) at 7:30 pm. I am playing with such incredibly talented folks!

Off to a photo shoot now.

P.S. I recorded an amazing acapela cover of a song that will for now remain a mystery. Those who know, please keep it secret. I am going to make a video to go with it as soon as I have some time. YOU CAN'T WAIT!


  1. I have a bunch of lists.

    This one is from when I was 13

    Things to do Before I die

    ( I was suicidal and attempted suicide a few weeks later.This was intended as things to get done in the short term)

    Uno- have a glazed whole wheat doughnut( never had one before.)

    Dos- get rid of all my books

    Tres- rub Giselle's belly ( my older sister was pregnant)

    Cuadro- lose weight

    Cinco- get my hair straightened

    Seis- visit all the tourists spots in new york

    Siete- skip school and get lost in the forest upstate

    Ocho- get squished pennies from the machine at the bronx zoo.

    Nueve- braid my Diomary's hair( younger sister)

    Diez- stop biting my nails

    Once- Be super nice to all my friends.

    Doce- try to look less sad




  2. You have a gold belt! It's sequin and currently in my room.

  3. I have always made lists too, but do you ever stop to think about how depressing it is when things don't get crossed off? Almost enough to make me stop making them... but not quite.

  4. Lists are never my friend. I've tried them in various formats and it seems that the only lists that work for me are for the store. And those are freakishly organized - starting at the beginning of the store, going down every aisle in order.

  5. I wish I still lived in NorCal so I can see you play more.

  6. I found a stash of middle school notes when I was back home. This one is from my best friend. And includes probably the best list ever...written about me. The cover reads: Naomi For Naomi's eyes ONLY!!!

    Im kinda mad at you and I know this is probly a bad time to tell you this but so what! Why Im mad at you.
    1. Where you are sitting is where Allison was sitting and you can ask Amelia, I said thats where Im gonna sit tomorrow which is today and you are sitting in my fucking seat!! And you are always (underlined) sitting by Meredith and Hannah and them and getting your way. And Im gonna sit there tomorrow! Okay?
    2. Andrew C. is a stupid jerk! And youre just making me mad. And you shouldnt go with him!
    3. You are VERY SHELFISH!! (yes, you read that right) I always (underlined) give you my cookies and you dont give me SHIT!!
    4. You are not funny!!
    P.S. Write back!!!