Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Empty frames

I'd like to take a pole (any thoughts on where one might be useful?). I'd also like to take a poll. Is it or is it not totally lame to wear glasses with no lenses in them?

Things to consider:

-People with impaired vision have exclusive use of this powerful fashion accessory and I wonder if that's fair.
-As well as a fashion accessory, glasses are a useful tool for shy people. It's like a barrier between you and the world, which can be very comforting at times.

Please consider carefully and provide your opinions below in the comments section.

Note: I will continue to wear them regardless of the outcome of this pole.

P.S. I am playing a benefit show this Friday, Feb 26 in Oakland at the Bikery. The Bikery is a super rad non-profit bike shop run by Cycles of Change. It is located at 2289 International Blvd. There is a suggested donation of $3-10. The music begins at 8pm and will include myself, Annah Anti-Palindrome, and Maple Rabbit.

P.P.S. I'm almost done booking a West Coast tour in March with Annah Anti-Palindrome. Here is what it looks like so far:

March 20 - Nevada City, CA
March 21 - Trinidad, CA
March 23 - Eugene, OR
March 24 - Olympia, WA
March 25 - Bellingham, WA
March 26 - Vancouver, BC
March 27 - Seattle, WA
March 28 - Portland, OR

For details please visit my CALENDAR