Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My MIddle School Diary - Episode 4

Here we go again! So I'd love it if folks commented on these entries with quotes from their old adolescent journals.

This one is two entries because the first is very short and because they go together. You'll see why. I was 14 when I wrote these. Just a reminder, I don't correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Sept 11, 1999

I have a really bad boyfriend.

Sept 16, 1999

Not any more!

I had a really bad day. Erik has a girlfriend... Tanya, huh. I don't like her. Besides she always goes off about her freshman crush! Derik said I was being distant. Rick made me feel stupid for something that wasn't even stupid. Jasper wasn't swimming today. Gina threw water and salad at me (actually that didn't really bug me) and we lost our field hockey game. Maggie is acting like she is really mad. Jake is ignoring me completely for dumping him!



It isn't getting any less embarrassing, that's for sure.

News: I'm playing at Folsom prison next month. No joke! I'm so excited. I AM Johnny Cash. Serious.


  1. Noticed this through your Facebook, and felt pretty inspired. Good/fun idea!

    Age 15

    (A big long Deadjournal post about a lackluster punk show that could be summed up in these three sentences):

    'once my dad came to pick me up, i thought of my future, and i figured that i'm pretty much going to live in a house across from a cemetery, with a good view of the sunset/moon/all that jazz, but i'm going to live on welfare, be unemployed, and alone. wonderful.

    and now, i feel crappy. great.'

    So I guess you could say I was a bit of an optimist.

    (Congrats on Folsom! Rock!!)

  2. I was always too lazy or embarrassed to write anything down. But reading these is making me feel better about myself. I guess everyone is a bit embarrassing when they are younger.

    Congrats on Folsom, so cool.

  3. Ah! This should be good!
    I was 15

    All the mental, physical, and emotional work exhausts me even more. And that I can't sleep at night at night! I hate that all the work is for that one, small moment, but I deserve to feel good even if it is for one second, dont I?