Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Middle School Diary - Episode 6

I missed a day. Oops. I was on a sailboat with my friend Sass who happens to be a bad ass sailor. To make up for the lack yesterday, here is video for today's entry. Hope you like it. This entry is dated 5-13-2001.


  1. Can anyone say ... Emo?


  2. That was wonderful. I may have to read one of my poems. I thought I was very dark and significant.

  3. Oh jeez. I also have poetry from my highschool and middle school days. Very terrible. I tried to rhyme in a lot of them. And I have a journal that's actually full. Dates back to 2002. I never knew I wrote so much.

    I'll find an entry or two and share when I get the chance. I need to prepare for the embarrassment.

  4. I dig the earrings :D

    And the poetry sounds so familiar.