Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spring... what the %&#* just happened?

Somehow its Summer already. I swear this year just started.

Where time went:

Three months booking and preparing for tour.
Two and half months on tour and living in New Orleans.
One month being home or in Seattle working on the new album.
... and here we are.

Things I did:

Went to a crawfish boil.
Played Neil Gaiman's Bay Area book signing.
Fell in love with Alex Thompson's music.
Fell in love with New Orleans all over again.
Experienced the Goodwill bins in Seattle.
Toured with Shenandoah Davis.
Visited New Folsom Prison for the fourth time.
Learned songs by inmates at New Folsom Prison.
Raised over $10,000 for my new album!
Nearly finished a music video for Chocolate Chips which is now held up in post production.
Offended a few of people.
Charmed a few of people.
Wrote some songs about it.
Made plans to write more.
Made lists... lots and lots of lists.

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