Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Honey and Hyacinth

Those two things have nothing to do with this blog... I just like how they sound together.

Some exciting things:

1-I leave for tour in two weeks. Check out the tour dates on my website.

2-My "Chocolate Chips" music video is nearly finished.

3-A new website is in production and will soon launch.

4-I booked time in the studio to start recording my next album with Shenandoah Davis as producer.

5-I have four California shows coming up before I leave. One is at New Folsom Prison.

6-I am writing a bio for my new website and here is a preview:

After six months on the road her family settled in the Sierra foothills in Northern California. Zoe spent her summers swimming naked in the Yuba River. She still refused to wear shoes and also hated clothes. She wore the same green dress every day, along with her rubber boots or her bare feet, and in it she climbed many a tree. When she was eight years old her family moved to Nevada City. It was only fifteen miles from their mountain home and had a population of less than three thousand but felt like the biggest city she'd ever seen. She divided her time between playing "Guru" with her little sister, which consisted of lining up their stuffed animals in worship, and practicing front flips on the trampoline. From age six to nine Zoe had a recurring dream about being Princess of the Moon.

7-I am spending most of the month of April in New Orleans and I can't wait.

8-I am looking for a beat maker to collaborate with.

9-I am forgetting at least 428 exciting things in this list... but its probably best because you have things to be doing and who would be able to stop reading a list of exciting things? Certainly not me. The restraint it is taking to stop writing it is more than I thought I had. Excuse me while I pry my hands from the keyboard...

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