Thursday, July 14, 2011


This was written by the lovely Sarah Alyse Shay in order to persuade me to post the picture of Neil Gaiman as a teenager, in which he bears is a certain likeness to me.

Works of this sort are most certainly welcome. Perhaps eventually I'll fold and post it so you all can see. For now, here is Sarah's for you all to enjoy.

An Ode to Zoe

Eyes that twinkle like chocolate chips
A face t'would launch a thousand ships
Skin as tender as turtledove's wings
Has the lady of whom I sing

Should she ask, I'd fly to the moon
Scoop up the stars from the sky with a spoon
And turn them into brooches and rings
For the lady of whom I sing

O, that she would but favor me
With a smile as secret as New Orleans
I would give most anything
To the lady of whom I sing

Reduced to beg, implore and plead
My will is hers inexorably
Awaiting that which she may bring
O, my lady of whom I sing

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  1. Sour Lemons does't sound like sour lemons to me :)