Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Empty frames

I'd like to take a pole (any thoughts on where one might be useful?). I'd also like to take a poll. Is it or is it not totally lame to wear glasses with no lenses in them?

Things to consider:

-People with impaired vision have exclusive use of this powerful fashion accessory and I wonder if that's fair.
-As well as a fashion accessory, glasses are a useful tool for shy people. It's like a barrier between you and the world, which can be very comforting at times.

Please consider carefully and provide your opinions below in the comments section.

Note: I will continue to wear them regardless of the outcome of this pole.

P.S. I am playing a benefit show this Friday, Feb 26 in Oakland at the Bikery. The Bikery is a super rad non-profit bike shop run by Cycles of Change. It is located at 2289 International Blvd. There is a suggested donation of $3-10. The music begins at 8pm and will include myself, Annah Anti-Palindrome, and Maple Rabbit.

P.P.S. I'm almost done booking a West Coast tour in March with Annah Anti-Palindrome. Here is what it looks like so far:

March 20 - Nevada City, CA
March 21 - Trinidad, CA
March 23 - Eugene, OR
March 24 - Olympia, WA
March 25 - Bellingham, WA
March 26 - Vancouver, BC
March 27 - Seattle, WA
March 28 - Portland, OR

For details please visit my CALENDAR


  1. I think that it is okay to wear glasses as a fashion accessory.

  2. I think there should at least be just glass in the glasses, but since you can pull of things most people probably couldn't, go for it. I've always felt we glasses wearers are lucky to have them, most people seem to disagree. Makes it easier to rock the sexy librarian look anyways.

  3. Well, considering I had lasik and wish I hadn't so I could still wear my glasses and I've thought, multiple times, about getting accessory glasses, I think it's a-okay.

  4. I wanted glasses as a fashion accessory when I was a kid... then my vision started to go. So be careful what you wish for?
    (Also, I envy people who can just use glasses to look cute. They don't have to pay $50+ for a pair of frames)

  5. As as a compulsary-due-to-rubbish-sightedness glasses wearer, I would say it's absolutely fine.

    Wearing glasses makes you 37% more intelligent. Fact*.

    Without actual glass in, it's still about 23%.

    Also, they look good, and I imagine they would look especially good with you behind them.


  6. I personally love glasses and even if I didn't have to wear them I would. I would wear them with glass in them though. Because stupid people might poke me in the eye otherwise.

  7. As several of the above commenters have noted, I would also wear them with glass (plastic) in them. More than once have my glasses protected my eyes from getting something in them!

  8. Definitely agree about having glass in them and not just empty frames. Rock the look whether you can see or not, if that's what you wanna do. :)

  9. It's a "poll." I vote against glasses with no lenses.

  10. Me being one to actually wear glasses for my vision never saw the appeal in them. I hate wearing them, but my reasons for disliking them are all connected to the fact that I can't see without them. (No peripheral vision, can't lie comfortably sideways and still see, etc)

    But for someone who doesn't have that problem, I guess glasses may seem more appealing.

    I don't know about glasses with no lenses, but perhaps glasses with non-prescription lenses.

  11. You can and should wear whatever the hell you want! My mannequin/girlfriend wears glasses (VERY hot), and she can't even see! I think...

  12. How dare you all. Glasses are a masterful device created to improve the lives of those with tainted sight. How could you possibly feel you could steal our awsomeness....well you cant, and us, the nearly blind, all mock you who don't need the wonderful spectical that are our specticals. muhahahaha!

  13. When I was young I intentionally bumped into tables and said OW! I didn't see that!! to try and get my parents to buy me a pair of glasses. I still think that wearing glasses without lenses is odd, but wearing glasses without a prescription is fine. Maybe you will be the one to break the glasses-without-lenses stigma. Perhaps I will follow.

  14. They are doing glasses with lenses which aren't corrective. Perfect as fashion accessories.

  15. yes no lenses glasses are excellent.

  16. When I was a kid I always wished I wore glasses because all my friends did and I thought they looked cool.

    When I got older and I needed glasses I found that I preferred wearing them to getting contacts or corrective surgery because I felt shy without them.

    All this being said, you are very wise.