Friday, January 8, 2010

Not Sure


I was feeling very uninspired yesterday. I am also starting to feel the pressure of finishing the album before I leave. Not long now. I worked for way too long on a song that feels very incomplete. It doesn't sound good with lyrics because there are too many layers of voice already and they just get lost in there. Maybe its good as an.... umm.... acapella instrumental? Maybe it will be a bonus track on the album, but I don't think it makes the album any more done. I think today I'll make a video for the song I posted a few days ago, called Anything. Then later I'll write another song.

It might be easier to write today because late last night I received some unfortunate inspiration in the form of a very hateful message. The person sending it really hates me, more than I've ever been hated, more than I've ever hated anyone. Though this person is not someone I care for, its hard not to be effected. Some part of me is wondering what is it about me that is so awful? Part of me is falling for it. So in that state there was no chance I'd go to sleep and decided to house hunt. I have to move, which is so incredibly sad and lame because I love my house. Craigslist was dismal and, after a few hours devoted, I laid in bed for a long long time until my brain finally slowed enough for sleep to win. 

Appropriately called 'Not Sure', here is the song:

<a href="">Not Sure by Zoe Boekbinder</a>


  1. Don't let the haters pull you are talented and make others happy with what you do. I know it's hard to ignore (and I really tend to think ages about hateful stuff), but focussing on all the good things coming to you is the better way ;)
    Btw: Your covers on YT are mom is obsessed with "I kissed a Girl" :D
    Take Care! J.

  2. Some people are mean. You are loved by a lot of other people. Don't let the hater get you down. You are wonderful.

  3. I would like to give you a big hug.

    For far-away-and-we-don't-actually-know-eachother reasons, this is not possible.

    But please imagine that it is, if it's any help at all.


  4. You are beautiful, funny and super talented. You've got to know that! My girlfriend and I have been big fans ever since we saw you and your sister open for Amanda Palmer during Comic-Con in San Diego. Keep doing what you do; your talents are greatly appreciated by many. You are awesome!

  5. You can put this song as either an intro or interlude.

    Sucks to be told how much a person dislikes you. Even when it shouldn't matter, it gets to you. But there are many more who love you. Keep strong.


  6. Oh man, Zoe. THIS. love, love, love!

    And don't let the haters get you down. Most hate comes from within the hater and stems from jealousy or insecurity or childhood trauma or just an all-around misunderstanding of one's buddha nature. Just do what you do, and boy do I see (hear?) great things coming together. Keep working those harmonized vocals! And that breath!