Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awkward Like Cut Melon - Song 1 and 2

Yesterday morning... well... afternoon... I decided to use this snowy time I have to be productive. As tempting as it is to stream episodes of various mind numbing television programs, I think this is a better idea. The idea is to write and record an entire album all by myself. This is my first attempt at recording. I'm going to try to stretch my boundaries and write songs that are different from my usual. It's been a day and a half and I have two songs. I'm trying not to fool myself, I know the first ones will be the easiest. After 3 or 4 I will run out of melodies and lyrics and I'll want to pull my hair out. 

This project is inspired by my sister's 31 Songs in 31 Days project last January.

I will blog daily... or most days anyway about my experience working on the album. When I have a song finished, I will post it. I have two... so here they are. Oh, and the album is called Awkward Like Cut Melon which comes from some awkward onstage banter at my most recent show.

I played "1234" for my mother and she said it was good for having done it all by myself. Great Mom. Great.

You can download these songs for free or for money HERE.

<a href="http://zoeboekbinder.bandcamp.com/track/nevereverevereverever">Nevereverevereverever by Zoe Boekbinder</a>


Don't you tell me you don't remember the good times that we had Like the time I painted the bathroom green and our late night snacks I know that you don't care You don't care about about anything else Oh no

Don't you tell me you don't remember the promises we made to each other Like how you'd never give up on me nevereverevereverever I know that you think of nothing you think of nothing else Oh no

Don't you tell me you don't remember the things I've done for you Like the time I gave you that scarf even though I wanted it too I know you asked for nothing You asked for nothing less Oh no

<a href="http://zoeboekbinder.bandcamp.com/track/1234">1234 by Zoe Boekbinder</a>


1 carpet of dandelions. 2 much but I swear im tryin. 3 weeks and I can see the future. 4 black and white photobooth pictures. 5 days that I'm back before I leave again. 6 weeks since I left but I've seen you since then. 7 times my record I feel pressured by the plan. Help me count past seven and I'll give you all I can. You said 'don't be ridiculous' but i can't be any less. You've never dared to over react. I just want to see you get mad. You said to take care of myself but i stayed up way too late.
I ate too many cookies and I gave myself a stomach ache.
(CHORUS) Im in love with anyone that I've ever loved right now. Even though i've never been, I am sad now that they're gone. The people that i miss the most right now are the ones that i don't know. I don't have their numbers or I'd call them on the phone.


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