Saturday, May 12, 2012

Europe tour, episode 3 - Picture Book

In Berlin wearing my friend Cindy Wonderful's robe.

I've played three shows in Berlin with almost entirely 
different audiences. I love this city. Last night I played at
 Madame Claude's with a band called Nadine And The Prussians.
They were so good.

One more Berlin show left and its tomorrow night! Then off to Portugal!

Last week:

Lily... my Dutch distant cousin.

Noah, Lily's brother. I sang him a bedtime song that night.

A boat called Kim at the harbor in Rotterdam.

Scary red eyed geese with little goslings!

I speak Dutch!!!

I thought my last name was cool until...

Slagroom (whipped cream) with Jasmine after her 
beautiful dance show in Amsterdam.

This man gave me a piece of candy on the u-bahn in Berlin. 
I tried to refuse, but he insisted.

This falafel was so delicious. Like holy shit. 
I might go get some for linner (dunch) right now.
Its right down the street from where I am staying. 
I effing love Berlin.

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